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Sacred Path’s mission is ~

To provide a place where people can come to dream, explore, learn
and teach in a sacred and safe environment as they travel their spiritual path. 

To acknowledge the Divine in each individual.

To promote Oneness in celebration of the Divine and the human spirit.


Our Vision is ~

To foster and extend Unconditional Love, Peace, Light, contemplation,
and fellowship to ourselves, families, friends, local and global communities.

It is with a conscious mind and open loving heart that Sacred Path

We believe we are all a part of this vast Universe and that there is only one Greater Source, Power, Creator, Spirit, God, One Mind. 

We believe in the Light and sacredness of all life.

We honor and acknowledge Truth in many forms.

We believe in the Highest Good for All. 

We believe there are no coincidences. 

We aspire to be inspired to serve.

We honor and respect the gifts of all.

We consciously live in peace, love, harmony and compassion with 
outer spiritual and human beings, our animal neighbors, Mother Earth
and the Universe. 

We honor nature and all that is in it.

We honor each individual’s belief and/or philosophy.

We hold all encounters at, in or around Sacred Path, in highest integrity,
respect, trust, and confidentiality.

We believe everything is in Divine Order.

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