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Blessings, Path Walkers.

Our July 2nd Saturday Gathering has been CANCELED.
This will be Sacred Path's first time closing completely in 10+ years of our being open.

Usually, in July, we give ourselves a creative break by having Fun in the Sun Day, a time we thoroughly enjoy having creative fun with each of you. However, this year, a well-deserved complete break feels more in line with what our theme this year has been about - Cultivating Tools to Heal Ourselves. One of the greatest tools to allow healing to happen is knowing when to stop our motion and just be still. This break in July is Sacred Path's way to encourage us all to just "be still," for a little while.

During this replenishing time, we invite you to

  • reflect on the tools you have cultivated, thus far,
  • how you are applying these tools to your daily life as a regular practice
  • meditate on what changes you desire within you to move you forward along your path
  • and how you choose to experience your life with these new [or dusted off] tools.

When we return in August, we will be refreshed and ready for new self-explorations.


If you have questions, contact us via email - sacredpathretreatcenter@gmail.com or Rev. Saundra, Asst. Program Director, by phone - 704.916.9839.

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