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Have you heard someone use the word grounded and wondered what it meant? Perhaps the term was used as a form of punishment - "You are grounded!" or to indicated someone’s energies are scattered - "You are bouncing all over the place. Get grounded." or when building a structure that will use electricity -"Be sure the building is grounded.” Or when jump starting a car – “Ground the negative cable.”

These examples refer to the energy running in and through the person or object needing a safe way to exist, prevent electrical shock and keep our lives from running amuck. When we ground our energies, (personal and electrical) our response to life becomes more intentional and centered.

But how do we “ground” this energy running through us so we can operate at our optimum?

This month, Sacred Path invites you to join us in learning, understanding and practicing Being Grounded: What does it mean and How do I do it?

November 2017
2nd Saturday Gathering

Being Grounded:
What does it mean and how do I do it?
Saturday November 11, 2017
1 - 4 p.m.
Facilitated by Sacred Path Staff

What We Will Learn and Practice

  • The meaning and importance of Grounding
  • What happens when you don't ground
  • Several Grounding Techniques

What to bring:

  • Journal, pen to take notes
  • A healthy snack
  • An open mind
  • Friends and family
Love Donations appreciated.
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If you have questions, contact us via email - sacredpathretreatcenter@gmail.com or Rev. Saundra, Asst. Program Director, by phone - 704.916.9839.

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